Mike Barker SCC#63046 - Lexington, KY
Member of the Lexington Kentucky Chapter
Summer 2007
Mike passed away during the summer of 2007 from a inoperable brain tumor. He was a gentle mountain of a man. Mike always took things in stride and never said anything bad about anyone. He loved his bike and he loved his SCRC family. Whenever we asked him to go out for a ride he would always make sure it was OK with his grand daughter if he left for a little while.
Mike cherished his grand daughter and his family, but always seemed to make time for his friends. Mike believed in the Southern Cruisers ideals and mission and directly influenced at least 15 members to join SCRC #063. We wish there were more people like Mike in the world as it would truly be a better place. Our lives are a bit emptier without Mike but we can take solace in the fact that he is no longer suffering and has gone to a better place.
Mike will be missed by many as evidenced by the number of people and friends that came to his funeral. We can only hope that in our passing we will be remembered by our loved ones and friends as fondly as Mike is.










Jeremiah "Jery" Moore SCRC#63143 – Nicholasville, KY
Member of the Lexington Kentucky Chapter
March 7, 1974 ~ March 17, 2009
Jery was a member of Chapter 63, Lexington KY and passed away on March 17, 2009 at the all too young age of 35. Around the time he joined our Chapter, he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and while he wasn't able to ride with us much due to his illness, he will be missed.
Jery loved to ride. The picture included with this memorial is from his last ride. One week before he passed away, his family members loaded him up on his bike so he could take just one more ride because everyone knew the end was nearing. He made it to the end of his street and back (while escorted by his Brother) and collapsed on his bike as soon as he got back home. But he got to take his last ride. May we all be that lucky! As a testament to the importance of riding in his life, his bike (on a trailer) led the funeral procession from the funeral home to the Cemetery. Jery is survived by his wife Natalie and their two daughters as well as his three brothers.
RIP and Ride On Jery. We’ll all ride together again one day!










George Ewen SCRC # 063010

Member of the Lexington Kentucky Chapter

October 9, 1947 - March 14, 2014

George passed on in Lexington, Kentucky following a brief illness. He was a dedicated husband and father with a contagious laugh.  He loved University of Kentucky sports, rock music, and mentoring one of the local football teams. He was a genuine life-loving individual with a big smile and a kind word for everyone, never meeting a stranger.  While sharing a memory at the funeral, one of his friends spoke of how George was always there for anyone needing help. When asked if George had been that person for anyone there, over half those attending stood.

He was an active member of the Catholic community, teaching and working with the faculty, staff, and students at Lexington Catholic High School as Director of Football Operations. George was a member of the Free and Accepted Masons in Buford Lodge 494 in Midway Kentucky.

 George was an active member of the William Sutherland Pipes and Drums, serving as Drum Major for many a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Lexington. During one of the parades after serving as Drum Major, he quickly drove around and took his place with his fellow cruisers for a second trip down Main Street. As well as being a member of Southern Cruisers Lexington Chapter 63, he was a member of the Patriot Guard participating in many veteran memorial activities.



Ralph Edward “Ed” Plank

Member of the Lexington Kentucky Chapter

July 1952 – October 2010

     Better known as “Z man”, life for Ed revolved around riding his 2003 Harley Davidson Silver Anniversary Night Train.  Whether joining in a fundraiser or just hanging out with his friends, you knew he was in the house. He was a large man with an infectious laugh and loved being the instigator that kept the party interesting. He was always the funny guy yet considered it a duty and honor to ride for the kids of St. Jude’s.

     Ed was an army veteran serving in the Military Police. He was a CORE member of Chapter 63. He passed away secondary to complications following an aortic aneurysm repair. He will always be remembered for his many antics during rides and rallies. His friends love to tell stories of his parking and working on his bike in the dining room, changing the words while singing  karaoke to “Save a Horse Ride a Harley” and Thursday nights riding to the river followed by Caddyshack’s cupcakes and popcorn fights.  He left us with a legacy of memories to talk about. You are free our friend to ride along watching over us from the clouds. We will see you again but don’t forget until that time comes we - “Figured You Out”!




Clyde Stinnett  

 March 29, 1948 - January 29,2017

Clyde “Big Daddy” Stinnett, devoted husband to Beverly and father to Natalie, Brittany, and Anthony. Clyde was a retired housing supervisor at the University of Kentucky. He was a member of Northview Baptist Church. He was a little league baseball coach and loved all sports especially the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Besides his love for motorcycles, he was an avid Corvette and Nova enthusiast.

Clyde was a long time dedicated CORE member of SCRC Chapter 63, Lexington, Kentucky. For many members, he was one of the first guys they met when they joined. He always greeted everyone with that big smile and hug.  When asked for first thoughts of Clyde, most called him a fun loving, compassionate good friend that you always knew had your back. Clyde was the one member you could count on being there for events above and beyond being a Southern Cruiser. He won the annual chapter “Most Participation” award several times, attending 56 events one year.   He loved riding in the front near the ride leader with “Clyde Jr” (helmet clad stuffed gorilla) strapped to the back seat. He loved riding to Rabbit Hash, Hillbilly Hotdogs, Thursday night at the River, Monday rides with special friends, and never missed Little Sturgis. Clyde was known for his perseverance especially after Highway 89 got the best of him several times. He worked at improving his riding skills attending several Ride Like a Pro Classes, once in a jazzy chair.  When it came time for a stand in Dad to give the bride away for a couple renewing their wedding vows, he was their obvious choice.

With Clyde you always knew where you stood and hopefully that was not between him and a fried bologna sandwich. With a heart for being the group encourager, there will only be one like him.




Sherry Dee Barber

June 16, 1971 - March 26, 2017

Sherry Dee Barber, CORE member of SCRC Chapter 63, Lexington, Kentucky, wife of Roger Barber, Mother to Brittany, Brandy, and  Maranda.

Sherry enjoyed participating in Southern Cruisers events. She became an active member after attending a benefit ride with Roger. She loved the fact that the members treated each other like family and wanted to be a part of that. She was always available to help with registration at the events, gathering items for silent auctions and door prizes, and attended as many SCRC rallies and events as her health allowed.

She loved and supported her family and friends and always “told it like it was”.  Her well remembered “Suck it up Buttercup” line will be a long time memory for many.